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​Online brokerage service Apartments Japan .com


Brokerage by our subsidiary with real estate license

We can propose properties even if you are not in Japan

We will propose a property based on your desired conditions. We will introduce a wide range of properties from furnished rentals to unfurnished real estate. In addition, although there are usually two-year real estate contracts, we will respond flexibly even if there is a time limit such as one year or half a year. Click here for inquiries

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Self-Isolation After two weeks of isolation, a preview is available Schedule a preview during the two-week isolation period Looking for a room

Schedule a preview during the two-week isolation period and smoothly
Looking for a place to live

Most of our plans use a plan that allows you to stay for more than two weeks so that you can postpone the flight or the PCR test. After isolation on the 14th, we will take a look inside. Many customers take our plan of stay longer than 2 weeks for the case of postpone of your flight and Covid-19 test.


Of information

Available by email or LINE

As we are professionals, we can offer proposals and introduce online the most suitable property according to the customer's schedule.

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